Tuesday, 21 November 2017

15% discount code for Black Friday & gifts that last. Moon & Planet jewellery.

Brass moon ring with patina.
Head over to MJHScontemporary & use LOVELOCAL2017 for a Black Friday discount.
Buy something from an artisan maker & small business owner this Christmas.

Sun in Brass & reclaimed beach brick. Commission yours today in time for Christmas.
Planet necklace on Sterling Silver ball chain.
You can also find us at the KIDZRUS christmas-bazaar-st-ives-theatre-cornwall where I will have some great budget gifts & stocking filers.
Fairies for on the Christmas tree x Great as a small gift x
Pop over to KIDZRUS on December 2nd 2017 for....

Pretty fairies, handmade soaps & candles & some beautiful miniature felted characters.
Also some colourful hand made earring & necklace sets.
Alo I will have some pieces available from my unique handmade jewellery line...
And we have a Pay Pal card reader for larger purchases.


Thursday, 16 November 2017

BLACK FRIDAY JEWELLERY SPECIAL 2017 Unique Christmas gift ideas 2017 & a Christmas market at KIDS R US St Ives

Brass moon rings, Full moon necklace in Eco-Silver Eco-Silver  planet necklace & blue planet piece.
Head over to my Etsy store for a unique piece of jewellery this Christmas.
Now is the time to request a bespoke piece or purchase what I have in stock before I go off to the Christmas market in a couple of weeks.

Available & ready to wear.. resin piece & gold flakes with beach ceramic, Carnelian & Sodalite wrapped with brass wire & set on a silver plated chain. £95
Eco-Silver necklace with Turquoise, Smokey Quartz & found & repurposed boat buoy. £275

Planet & Crescent Moon necklace on a hammered Brass torc £185
Hand cut Brass textured with Cornish beach stones.  
This piece will go up to £225 after Black Friday weekend.

This Full moon in Eco-Silver has sold but you still have time to commission your own before Christmas. £185 Hand cut Eco-Silver textured with Cornish beach stones. A great memory of time spent in beautiful Cornwall. 
To secure any of these pieces and more head over to my new look jewellery store

Happy shopping for Black Friday & the Christmas season.
More on where I will be selling for Christmas in my next post.


Monday, 6 November 2017

Creating Moons with the Ocean. Portland Bill proposal.

As  a result of being unable to afford texturing hammers for my silversmithing,  a beautiful process was born.

Affirming the link between the Moon & the Ocean my Moon jewellery is created by hand cutting metal, then texturing with found beach stones.

Proposal for Portland Bill 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Space exploration, Moon & meteorite jewellery. Hope after Hurricane Irma.

I have been busy this month researching, designing & making more space jewellery.
After watching Dr Brian Cox on the BBC & his meetings with private backers of space tourism,
(Richard Branson is a very brilliant & motivated man)
 I have gained more enthusiasm for the subject of space. Although I will say it's definitely not for me, a drop down back to earth from space, thank you.

All things moon and Ocean,
 learning more about space exploration
 and discoveries new 
inspire my work.

Antler seaweed rendered in Recycled Silver - should be ready for Christmas sales.

We have also watched the awesome space film GRAVITY for the second time.
 (George Clooney &  Sandra Bullock) 
If you haven't seen it I can recommend it for sure. 

Beautiful Pyrites set in Recycled Sterling Silver.
Unfortunately the Eden Project Journey into Space exhibition has now closed, or I would be taking another visit to see the photography section.  But what a fabulous and immersive experience Eden put on.
The main walkthrough took us to planets and moons in our solar system. It very cleverly highlighted the fact that we are extremely lucky to inhabit planet Earth & we should look after & appreciate this awesome planet.

Pop back soon for more on my new pieces of Brass & recycled Sterling Silver. Meteorite rings will be ready by the end of the week.
This beautiful piece was commissioned recently.
Unique Moon ring....
All Moon rings are created unique by my own hand. Each piece is hand cut, shaped & textured with Cornish beach stones to create your very own Moon. Available to commission from my store...
 shop/ The Owl in the Art Tree
Last but not least
We send our love out to all those affected by Hurricane Irma.
It brings back our involvement in the Tsunami of 2004 & we empathise greatly.
Stay safe
Stay positive
Be kind
Find hope
Trust in creativity


Saturday, 15 July 2017

New look Etsy shop, Osteoarthritis and a show in St Just, Cornwall

I have been very poorly since my last market. Seems I should have been slowing down about 5 years ago when I was first told I had arthritis and an enlarged hip socket.
Can't seem to get much info sometimes, with only 10 minutes ALLOWED for each appointment and a busy working  & home life.
Repurposed pencil sharpening - soon to be earrings.
If we don't fit into the box it seems very confusing for people. Things can't be done quick enough. We are all pushed to our limits and there is no room for understanding.

It was over 10 years ago, before one of my trips to Thailand, that I first had to use a stick to walk. Little did I know then that I had it in the wrong hand. Right leg - use stick in left hand - I now know this is the correct way. 
But it took an invigilator at the Penlee Gallery in Penzance to recommend I use a stick properly, as I scraped my way through the gallery like a baboon. A huge thank you to that lady & also for letting me know that I had been using my stick in the wrong hand all this time.

Hot weather helps a lot, as does floating around in the ocean, like a moon jelly.
I am still waiting for some help and guidance from the doctors ! Apart from, put your foot up and slow down ! Lets face it painkillers aren't the answer folks. Conditions like this should be managed early & its NOT an old persons disease.
Brass ring with Kyanite.

As for my Etsy shop
It has a new look thanks to a fab birthday gift - a photo box.
Head over and take a look. 
The Owl in the Art Tree

Recycled Sterling Eco-Silver pendant with shaped beach buoy, smokey quartz & turquoise, Hallmarked in London.   

I am happy to say that I will be taking my work to the St Just arts & Crafts show in aid of Cancer Research Uk this August.
Go over and check out their new website and book for the open evening that will be opened by the super duper Michael Eavis. 

If anyone knows of people who may be going from St Ives and has room for two for a lift there & back on the open night or at any other time we would be grateful.


Recycled fine silver ring with Songea Sapphire chips, Hallmarked in London.

Fingers crossed they have enough space for me at Etsy Local in St Ives this Christmas x
It was a fantastic Christmas event last year & a real credit to Cornwall & St Ives. 

If you a maker here in Cornwall take a look at their Facebook page

Bye for now

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

100 moons before Summer Solstice 2017


Inspired by the possibility of a Space port in Newquay, Cornwall and a super artist named
Tamsin Ainslie & her 
A pencil a day

I have begun my own art marathon......

'100 Moons before Summer Solstice'
is a 4x6 watercolour postcard project I am aiming to complete before the Northern hemisphere's 2017 Summer Solstice.

100 moons before Summer Solstice
All works are mixed media originals and start at £20
You can make purchase of a randomly selected piece right now on my etsy shop or wait until after Summer Solstice when I will begin a daily Instagram auction of the works starting at £20 and selling to the highest bidder. 

Steampunk Moon with vintage watch parts.
All the work will be signed on the back and numbered 1-100
No copies will be made.

One lucky customer recently received a bonus gift of a watercolour postcard in their package with their etsy order. This piece was not one of the set of 100 before Solstice but a practice piece in preparation for this project.
I make a point of sending all my etsy shop customers a freebie of some sort with their order.

Watercolour, neon & inks.
To bag yourself a piece of this affordable art, visit my etsy store here ..
etsy.com/uk/shop/The Owl in the Art Tree

A heads up on how I found Tamsin & her pencil a day project. Through the UPPERCASE readers newsletter.
Why not pop over & sign up for news for "the creative & curious' from the lovely Janine
UPPERCASE magazine.com

Hope your week is going well.
thanks for reading


Monday, 3 April 2017

St Ives artisan market. Sea plastic & working to save the bees.

We had a great time at St Ives Artisan market in the Guild Hall last week with Saffron Trading. Thank you to everyone who stopped to buy something or ask about our work.
Lots of positive feed back on my Bee jewellery, recycled silver, carvings & Gaia's vintage photo cards. 

Had my UPPERCASE on hand to show people & point out the 'Surfer in the Barrel' recycled Ec-Silver necklace piece included in this issue x
Photo by Gaia x

Unfortunately we wont be going to market again for a couple of weeks as its a very long day & I need time until my leg is fully recovered.
As you may know we have to rely on  travelling by foot & public transport. Currently funds won't allow taxi fares so on foot is the way. We LOVE the fresh air & travelling with the VINTAGE Silver Cross pram but my old legs aren't what they were unfortunately !
Couldn't move on Wednesday & spent the rest of the week with swolen knee & ankle. 

Bumble Bee in resin with gold foil on brass.
 Good news is that I have invested in a Paypal card reader. So you can make a safe card purchase next time you see us at a market.
Look for the red Owl in the Art Tree Mushroom to find us x
Hope fully we can attend the market at the end of April but I will have to see how the leg goes.
Perhaps we will do the Tuesday & Wednesday in succession in the last week. I will keep you posted.

Rescued Sea plastic.
Managed to get out for a walk today. We have lots of beach clean plastics from our previous walks to create with over the next couple of weeks.
As I cant find my bangle moulds I have been using recycled plastic packaging to set some bees with Myrrh.

Found bee ready to set in resin with pieces of Myrrh.
Keep up to date with creations & pieces for sale on Etsy here....
shop/The Owl in the Art Tree

Found out about this in the St Ives Times & Echo .... Kurt Jackson exhibition at the Jackson Foundation in St Just.Bees (& the odd wasp) In My Bonnet  an exhibition all about bees - On until August 19th I hope we can get over in May.


Melissa gaia & Fudge the cheeky Jack Russell

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Great FREE business workshops here in St Ives next Tuesday
BOOK your places online here
#TownTakeover St Ives

8am -9.30am at St Ives Brewery
Business Breakfast
 10-11am Guild Hall 
Hospitality - how to stand out from the crowd
11-12pm Guild Hall 
recruiting your first employees
pop up @ Harbour St Ives
11-3pm pop up @ Penbeagle Industrial estate
2-3pm Guild Hall
Online Tools For Productivity
3-4pm Guild Hall Social media strategy

If you cant make to on Tuesday they are running more during the year.
Check out their website for more info, register your interest, get a business review, business support & FREE business listing....

I will be standing the new Artisan market at the Guild Hall on Tuesday so hope to catch the street team from Growth Hub there!
This new Interstellar piece will be going with me along with some other #new pieces.

Found Bumble Bee in resin. Setting into a piece of olive wood found as driftwood.

My work will be featured in the next issue of UPPERCASE magazine
As a celebration  you can get $15 off subscriptions & renewals by using the code 'thirtythreethatsme'

I will keep you updated on the progress of my work online through 
MY ETSY SHOP The Owl in the Art Tree  Pop over there for purchaces.

A huge thank you to Janine from #UPPERCASE for including my work
and a thank you to the women from growth hub Christina & Helen.

Hope your week is a productive one lovely people 

Thursdays in April in St Ives. Book your place online .etsy.com/uk/shop/TheOwlintheArtTree

Monday, 6 March 2017

Shakespeare quote jewellery. Graffiti style jewellery. My favourite flowers are Anemones. Sterling & Fine Silver St Pirian's Day discount code week.

Positive quote cuff
Available in our Etsy store now £22 plus postage.
shop HERE The Owl in the Art Tree

All these first pieces are made with Aluminium. I will be creating  pieces in Recycled Sterling Eco-Silver, copper & brass too. So stay tuned.

Lightweight Aluminium cuff with Earth quote during production.

To celebrate St Pirian's Day
& his discovery of Tin in Cornwall
 I have a 10% discount code for all purchases of Sterling or Fine Silver. Valid until next Sunday12th March.
Use code 
in our #etsystore
The Owl int he Art Tree

Keep an eye out for listings to commission recycled Sterling Eco-Silver quote pieces this week. You can use the St Pirian code on these listings when they are up & running.

Photo by Gaia x 
Lovely landscape in the window of Driftwood Contemporary
St Ives Fore Street
One of my favourite Galleries.

Hope your Monday is going well so far.

Melissa, Gaia & Fudge the cheeky Jack Russell

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Bouncing back from negativity. Personalised jewellery & new works on the way !

We have been waiting a long time for these beautiful things. Newly arrived tools for the workshop.
One of my favourite projects many years ago was stamping text onto kitchen ware. It consisted of sets of words / statements to highlight domestic violence.
 I also used a pyrography tool to write onto wooden kitchen utensils. 

Looking now to the positive, I am creating wearable pieces that will soon be available in our Etsy Shop & at markets in St Ives Cornwall.
There will be plenty of opportunity to personalise pieces too.
I believe it is important not to dwell too long on the negative. Art & creativity is ingrained in everyones lives so lets design & create something wonderful & positive.
So get those minds working & find some positive words to stamp into time x
You can message me through #etsy to request a special order & this week I will be adding listings for you to customise to your own taste.

etsy.com/uk/shop/ The Owl in the Art Tree

Melissa Gaia & Fudge 

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Pretty earrings. Sodalite spheres & Carnelian. #stormdoris

St Ives today was blustery & rainy. An enormous contrast to yesterdays beautiful calm sunshine.

Stuck indoors awaiting jewellery supplies.....

Gaia I have been making do with what we have & creating something pretty. Using new stones mixed with our stash of beads & finding, we have created some earrings together for our Etsy shop !

Beautiful Blue Sodalite spheres with Carnelian. Melissa
Grey Blue Sodalite with glass & acrylic beads. Gaia
These are both for sale for under £5 & with more on the way whats not to like about these pretty Sodalite & Carnelian stone earrings.

SHOP The Owl in the Art Tree

Citrine multi point crystal on choker
Waiting for some pretty wire to Finnish this Citrine piece. The choker / torque pictured here is just for completing fittings & will be replaced.


Hope every one is safe after Storm Doris !

Melissa, Gaia & Fudge the cheeky Jack Russell 

15% discount code for Black Friday & gifts that last. Moon & Planet jewellery.

Brass moon ring with patina. Head over to  MJHScontemporary  & use LOVELOCAL2017 for a Black Friday discount. Buy something from an...