Monday, 6 March 2017

Shakespeare quote jewellery. Graffiti style jewellery. My favourite flowers are Anemones. Sterling & Fine Silver St Pirian's Day discount code week.

Positive quote cuff
Available in our Etsy store now £22 plus postage.
shop HERE The Owl in the Art Tree

All these first pieces are made with Aluminium. I will be creating  pieces in Recycled Sterling Eco-Silver, copper & brass too. So stay tuned.

Lightweight Aluminium cuff with Earth quote during production.

To celebrate St Pirian's Day
& his discovery of Tin in Cornwall
 I have a 10% discount code for all purchases of Sterling or Fine Silver. Valid until next Sunday12th March.
Use code 
in our #etsystore
The Owl int he Art Tree

Keep an eye out for listings to commission recycled Sterling Eco-Silver quote pieces this week. You can use the St Pirian code on these listings when they are up & running.

Photo by Gaia x 
Lovely landscape in the window of Driftwood Contemporary
St Ives Fore Street
One of my favourite Galleries.

Hope your Monday is going well so far.

Melissa, Gaia & Fudge the cheeky Jack Russell

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